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2020 Music Line-Up

Fuller & The Empties

A local popular band from Tairua playing a variety of covers specialising in classic and new Rock and Reggae


Fuller and the Empties are a well-loved band that plays the right type of music to the right type of people. It’s the kind of music to get you up off the ground, off your seat, and into a dance-off.

Kerryn Fields Square Promo Shot.jpeg

Kerryn Fields

Winner of MLT Songwriting award for ‘Mamma’, NZ Country Music Awards 2019.

Winner of the Newstead Live Music Festival Troubadour Award – Most exciting act & inspiring act of 2019.


Kerryn Fields grew up, surfing her parent’s vinyl collection, addicted to the radio, and trying to make light of the dark with her irrepressible humour. Hailing from farming land in the heart of New Zealand, Fields grew up amongst story tellers in shearing sheds, a talent she now brings to the stage with her hugely evocative country & folk music.


Currently working her way around the country & folk circuits of Australia, Canada & New Zealand, Fields is becoming a household name, wooing folks in their lounge rooms, bars and from the festival stage. Her band bring a rich texture to her music, with palette of harmonies and joyful humour.


Kerryn’s award-winning new single ‘Mamma’ is due for release 19th September 2019.

Sonic Delusion

Too funky for folk and too folky for funk - that's Sonic Delusion's Latin-infused, pop-laced "funky electroacoustic folk". 

Sonic Delusion frontman Andre Manella uses his well-worn loop pedal to spontaneously create layers of rhythm, tone, and vocals. The Swiss-Kiwi electro-folk raconteur “easily carves out his own unapologetically ambitious and intriguingly experimental sound”. Catchy loops invite plenty of dancing and hip swaying… a sensual delight to the ears”.

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Dylan Wade

Innovative guitar player, smooth soulful vocalist, writer of unique songs.


Dylan Wade is a performing musician with many years of musical experience up his sleeve. His guitar playing and style is so diverse and skilled that it can fit into many musical genres, and his own compositions do exactly that. Combining catchy rhythmic percussive feel with insightful uplifting lyrics, from subtle intricate sweet fingerpicking instrumentals to roots powered funky grooves, it will take you on a musical journey. Infusing new-age soul into blues, reggae, folk, funk, jazz, with a stream of consciousness ever-fresh vocal delivery that is truly inspired and comes from Aotearoa-New Zealand.


Dylan‘s music reflects the journey and experience of life in many different environments and cultures. From the Deserts of the Middle East to the Lakes of Scandinavia to the Himalayan Mountains to the Pacific Ocean and so much more.


He’s performed and toured internationally, playing in many different venues and festivals in the USA, England, Japan, Finland; to name a few. He has toured extensively around New Zealand and continues to be a part of various unique musical collaborations.


His 4th Album ‘Life’ receives positive reviews and great feedback from fans.