Stall Registration 
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PLEASE NOTE: A map with your location will be forwarded to you a few weeks before the festival. If you have any queries please contact 
Key Dates:
1 October 2020

Discounted payment to be received by

(if not you will be re-invoiced at a

non-discounted rate)

1 November 2020

Registration due by

15 November 2020

All confirmations and Invoices sent by

1 November 2020

Payment to be received by

16 December 2020

Entry tickets mailed out by

General Conditions


  • NO SMOKING or PETS allowed on school grounds.

  • The festival supports quality crafts and products, NZ made products are looked upon favorably for applicants.

  • You must provide your own tent, tables, etc.

  • Tairua School reserves the right to refuse registration or remove stalls that do not comply or offer inappropriate products.

  • You can include photos or website references for your products in your application.

  • No age-restricted products are allowed and products should be appropriate for a school event.

  • Only products listed may be sold at the festival. Please phone us prior to the festival to discuss any late changes to be fair to other vendors. No exceptions.

  • Refreshment Sales allowed in craft stall sites. NO ALCOHOL sale.

  • Approved packaged food sites require TCDC licensing.

  • Rubbish Disposal – Please take bottles and cans with you. Other rubbish may be taken to the onsite compactor for disposal.

  • Communication – e-mail communication is preferred to prevent delays.

  • Only booked/registered sites accepted on the day.  No ticket, no entry. NO LAST MINUTE SITES AVAILABLE.

  • You must have your colour coded ticket for site access.  Ticket will be mailed to you when payment is received for your booking.  Please see Registration Process section for more information.

  • You must be completely set up by 10.00am. Vehicles cannot be driven in the arena area after 10.00am.   Public access will be given to craft sites from 10.00am.


  Payment & Sites
  • PAYMENTS – The most effective payment method is using PayPal.  The payment is instantly tied to the invoice and there is no confusion.  We encourage this payment method. If your payment is not made this way we request you put your invoice number as your payment reference to avoid confusion and delays.
  • If site has not been paid by the discounted date stated, the invoice will be re-issued at the non-discounted rate.
  • Each premium and regular site measures 6m frontage x 5.5m depth.

  • Half Sites measure 3m frontage x 5.5m depth.  You may need to take your car off site if it is not small enough to fit in this area.

  • SITE ALLOCATION – only Premium sites are pre-allocated, these are numbered as per the site map.  Regular and Half sites are filled up in sequence as stallholders enter site on the festival day.  Ushers will direct you to the next available spot.

  • Overnight camping is allowed for premium size- & full-size holders. Half stall holders can request overnight stay but will depend on availability.

  • Access the day before from 4pm – 6pm no exceptions.

  • Saturday site access from 7.00am.